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Domain Registrations
From £9.50*

per annum

Website Design
From £99*

(basic design)

Website Hosting
From £2.50*

per month

Website Maintenance
From £4*

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*All prices subject to VAT


Why Us?

The idea for CWD originally came about when discussing the need for a professional Web Solutions Centre within Cyprus, targetted specifically at small businesses and individuals.

There are many one-man-band "designers" who can create a reasonable webpage or a small site at a reasonable cost. There are other companies who focus on creating State of the Art websites, with Out of this World associated costs.

Cyprus Web Designs prides itself in being a low-cost solution for the small business or individual, looking to project a professional image but not have to pay 'through the nose'.

Benefits of having YOUR Website

There are many reasons to have your own website, ranging from a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year presence all around the world to a simple and effective way of letting everyone know any changes to your personal or company details (telephone numbers, address change, opening hours, etc.) - please see here for a full explanation of the benefits.

Who Can Have a Website?

Everyone can! All you need is the ability to realise that the future of advertising and maintaining a presence within your community is via the World Wide Web. The days of printing leaflets and flyers are well and truly numbered.

Keeping Pace with Technology

Man and GlobeTechnology is moving at an astonishing rate and businesses are now realising that if they want to stay in the game, or that one step ahead, then the Internet is the place to achieve that.

How many times have you seen advertisements with that infamous at the bottom and thought...."maybe that's what we should be doing?".

DON'T spiral downwards into insignificance because you believe "we have a good product, a good name and a good customer base". The way people think is advancing just as technology is advancing. Why should a potential customer spend hours of their hard-earned day off, parking the car, roaming from shop to shop, getting more and more frustrated at the prices and services on offer and trying to make comparisons. Surely it is better to spend half an hour (with a coffee!) in front of the computer and weighing up the pros and cons of what's on offer in the comfort of their own home. Then make the final decision and drive straight to YOUR premises and buy what they have chosen and already happy with!

In those immortal words of the Nike advert -

Home | Why CWD? | Design | Hosting | Maintenance | Domain Registration | Domain Availability | Enquiry Form | Contact Us
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